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Luxury Tree House Stays Around the World

Whoever you are, from adrenaline-seekers to yoga enthusiasts, these breathtaking tree house stays will satisfy your childhood fantasies. Ranging from wildlife-filled hideaways to Scandinavian minimalist retreats, these unique stays provide a front row seat to nature’s dramatic performance.

England’s Chewton Glen needed to modernize their treehouse accommodations, so they contacted Blue Forest. Blue Forest created luxurious suites combining natural forms with king-size bedrooms and kitchenettes for this project.

1. The Bird’s Nest at Keemala Resort

Keemala Resort provides an unforgettable luxury experience, from its magical rainforest canopy and dreamlike villas, to its world-class guest experiences. Tucked away on the outskirts of Kamala Village yet close to beaches and restaurants, its villas are designed after four tribes found across Phuket: Pa-ta-Pea (Earth), Khon Jorn (Wanderers), We Ha (Sky), and Rung Nok (Nest). These themes can be seen throughout every aspect of Keemala Resort from design to guest experiences!

Our villas have been carefully designed to blend seamlessly into their natural environments, each category offering its own distinct style and feel. Choose between Clay Pool Cottages, Tent Pool Villas, Tree Pool Houses or the highly-sought Bird’s Nest Pool Villa for accommodation that boasts its own private pool, deck and open-air bathroom where waterfalls cascade nearby – plus each boasts stunning amenities including an open air bathroom where you can shower while listening to waterfalls cascading in the background!

Keemala resort offers amenities tailored to the healthy living philosophy, where all beverages and ingredients are non-alcoholic and sourced locally whenever possible. Furthermore, the resort features its own mushroom hut, hydroponic vegetable garden and tropical fruit orchard – which guests may visit.

Keemala Resort provides an assortment of dining experiences ranging from intimate champagne picnics and romantic dinners-for-two in romantic venues, to alluring beach picnics, champagne picnics, romantic dinners-for-two and complimentary shuttle buses to nearby beaches such as Kamala, Nai Thon and Mai Khao beaches for beach lovers – or they can visit Patong Beach and Phuket town just a short drive away! Also within driving distance is Patong Beach as well as Phuket town itself – although Patong is more renowned. Finally, Keemala is located just one hour drive from Phuket International Airport where additional airport transfers may be arranged at an additional fee for guests flying directly in.

2. The Treehouse Suite at Keemala Resort

Keemala Resort is an exquisite 5-star retreat situated among the trees on Phuket Island, known for both its beaches and forests. Here guests can indulge in private in-villa dining, yoga classes, island excursions, as well as the resort’s top-of-the-line spa services. But its treetop villa rooms such as Bird’s Nest stand out as truly extraordinary accommodations.

Keemala’s four founding clans inspired each accommodation. For example, Earth Clan cottages encased in forest are known as Clay Pool Cottages while Wanderer Clan accomodations mirror nomadic tradition with tent structures similar to traditional tents – while Bird’s Nest Pool Villas represent elite Nest Clan dwellings which reach high into the sky.

Keemala Resort stands on an eco-friendly ethos and community spirit, encouraging guests to immerse themselves in local culture through food tours with street vendors, temple visits with alms-giving ceremonies conducted by monks, or non-exploitative interactions such as visiting an elephant sanctuary on Phuket island. Guests at Keemala can immerse themselves in Thai life through eco-friendly design and decor as well as immerse themselves through local food tours with street vendors or temple visits with monks performing alms-giving ceremonies with monks! Keemala encourages visitors to immerse themselves into local culture through food tours with street vendors and temple visits where alms-giving ceremonies with monks are conducted as well as visiting wildlife such as visiting an elephant sanctuary on Phuket island for example.

Treehotel in northern Sweden stands as an iconic treehouse hotel, featuring unique elevated rooms like its signature cube room with mirrors and its UFO-esque cabin that protrudes out of the forest floor – both making this stay unforgettable memories! You can book this luxurious hotel either whole-heartedly or room by room; either way, it will leave an imprintful memory in your mind that won’t soon be forgotten!

3. The Treehouse at ACRE

Enjoy an enchanted treehouse hotel getaway around the world! These magical properties range from luxury beachfront villas in tropical paradises to rustic cabin-style properties in forests in the Pacific Northwest – there’s sure to be something that satisfies everyone.

The Treehouse at ACRE Resort offers an unforgettable experience that is certain to leave an indelible mark on visitors. Tucked into Acre Resort’s lush palm jungle, this hotel provides an escape from the beachside sprawling resorts commonly found throughout Cabo.

Discover lush treetops awash with lush greenery as you sleep suspended above them, to the sound of waves lapping against the shore as waves roll in below you as waves break on shore below you. Each of the 12 treehouse rooms at this adults-only resort embrace nature through an aesthetic that blends modern design with native elements from their local environment, providing a truly luxurious treehouse experience – although these particular rooms sit above tree line a bit, more like glamping rather than actual treehouse. But still get that cozy feeling with breathtaking views as you sleep suspended above it all.

Each room boasts its own bathroom, closet, king-sized bed and private patio with outdoor shower. Furthermore, there are various dining options and spa services as well as other amenities on site to make the most out of your time at this incredible resort.

Start your day right by relaxing by the pool by playing slot games on sites reviewed over the, exploring the property or treating yourself to a massage or yoga class in the mango grove. Or book an excursion whale watching, surfing or scuba diving in nearby waters; head into downtown San Jose del Cabo for shopping and fine dining; there’s even an entertaining weekly cultural show on property!

4. The Treehouse Cottage at Winvian Farm

Raise your hand if you ever imagined sleeping suspended high in the trees as a child. That dream may still exist today–and one amazing luxury tree house stays is an opportunity to relive that childhood memory! From two-story forest fantasies in the Pacific Northwest to extraterrestrial suites in Sweden, these treetop hotels provide an exciting way to spend an evening or weekend.

Winvian Farm in Morris, Connecticut features 18 uniquely designed resort cottages. Of particular note among these is The Treehouse; Vermont architect John Connell’s design of it used bright colors and varied lengths of wood to recreate a children’s playroom atmosphere atop 35 feet off the ground – complete with a king-sized bed and sofa pullout!

The property offers several equally charming cottages. At Helicopter Cottage, guests sleep in a king-sized bed next to a 1968 Sikorsky Sea King Pelican JJ3F helicopter while relaxing on its pilot seat or co-pilot bench while sipping cocktails from their private bar. In Maritime Cottage and Stone Cottage guests can watch ships pass by from private decks while Stone Cottage boasts an inviting double-sided stone fireplace rising from a cliffside wall.

All 113 acres of the resort are open to guests, who may explore its organic gardens and use cruiser bikes for afternoon jaunts before visiting its luxury spa. A highlight of your stay will undoubtedly be dining at its seed-to-table restaurant where an experienced executive chef draws upon local woods and meadows as inspiration to prepare dishes such as smoked trout with wild rice and roasted squash dishes.

5. The Treehouse at Treehotel

Treehouse hotels transport their guests deep into the forest for an unparalleled experience, providing an opportunity to unwind and recharge while exploring nature’s vastness. Treehouse hotels also make for great eco-friendly vacation choices; many use recycled wood in construction as well as natural cleaning products during daily operations.

On top of their picturesque and tranquil locations, most luxury treehouse hotels boast various amenities that add even more value. Some offer spa services; others feature unique dining options; still others provide breathtaking views – perfect if you want an escape from city life or to reconnect with nature. Stay at one of these luxurious treehouse stays around the globe and you won’t be disappointed.

Sweden’s Treehotel blends contemporary design and an eco-conscious approach, featuring seven rooms ranging from the Bird’s Nest, which resembles its namesake, to Dragonfly; both feature ample space for two. Other rooms include the Mirrorcube, which almost blends into its surroundings thanks to its reflective surface; and UFO, suspended from wires and beams connected to the forest floor. Rooms at this property were designed by some of Scandinavia’s premier architects and feature unique details. Guests can take part in snowmobile safaris, Northern lights viewing trips and fishing while they stay here. Visitors can book guided hikes or excursions to Storforsen, Europe’s largest forestry museum. After touring Storforsen, guests can dine on haute hunter-gatherer dishes at Britta’s Guesthouse where kitsch Grandma chic mixes with stylish decor or have meals delivered directly to their treetop rooms.